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Hope Retreats International is the manifestation of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit of God within a small group of true disciples of Christ who have been lead by the Holy Spirit to unite their individual God given talents and resources in a united effort to show a hurting world the love Christ our Lord has for it in very practical ways. After browsing through our site and witnessing all we have already accomplished in just nineteen years through this small group of true disciples of Christ, imagine what we might be able to do if we could get just 5% of the professed Christians in the USA to join us in this effort!

History of Hope Retreat International & Hope Retreat of the South

Hope Retreat of the South @ The Ranch


Before reading another word on this site, please realize this site is only maintained to give its visitors a chance to see the history of Hope Retreat International over the past 19 years in ministry and to see the birth of Hope Retreat of the South @ The Ranch in Sneedville, Tennessee @ www.hoperetreattheranch.org.

Hope Retreat of The South is a culmination of 19 years in ministry, much prayer, many hours of work in ministry and much healing of many hundreds of individuals.

At this time if you our welcomed visitor will scroll on down to where you see photos of log homes, this is where you will see the vision seen back when we were only in ministry for 15 years. It took us listening to the HOLY SPIRIT, AND BEING GUIDED BY HIS POWER for another three years before we actually witnessed this vision become a reality in Hope Retreat of the South @ the Ranch.

It was then when our Board of Directors & our leadership team at Hope Retreat International, after much time walking in the HOLY SPIRIT that we began to realize we needed to begin structuring our organization differently than we had for the past 15 years. We needed to consolidate not only our assets, but also our efforts on a regional basis as opposed to being spread out all over, that by doing so it would be much more cost effective.

We had been given the vision of consolidation by the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT, we now just had to find the resources to accomplisnh this vision. 

Up until this time we had been completely funded by our founder (Dr. Randall Maxwell) back in 2000 while he had just begun Grad School in Pastorate Ministry, white emphasis in Nouthetic Biblical Counseling, and his family. This ministry began in Lewiston Maine.

Beginning in about 2007, the woman who would become one day Dr. Maxwell’s wife, Rebekah Hunter then, she and her family, (her Great Aunt) began supporting the ministry, as she had been healed through the program of recovery herself.

Up until present this whole ministry has been completely funded by the Maxwell’s and their family. The blessings began flowing for this ministry with Bekah’s Great Aunt, Ila Mae Cooper’s estate began being transferred to the ministry through Bekah’s portion of her aunt’s estate.

In 2018, more blessings to the ministry began coming through Dr. Maxwell’s portion of his mom’s estate, Mrs. Darlene Rainey. By now the funds were in place to begin the regional facility, Hope Retreat of the South- The Ranch.

As of this date, March of 2019, The Maxwell’s and their families have invested better than one half million $$$ in the Recovery Ranch in Sneedville, Tennessee, which will serve the whole State of Tennessee and every State which touches the State of Tennessee. They also have on hand the next three year's budget if we just continued as we are at present.

Sunrise at the Ranch

Being that we are now structured as a Non- Profit Corporation in the State of Tennessee we will be able to receive donations and allow the donors to take their donations off their taxes and we will be able to apply for grants and receive them. We pray in JESUS’ NAME that many of those who have a real passion for helping to heal the hurts of others will partner with us by at the very least matching the dollars the Maxwell’s and their families have already donated.

If you our welcomed guest feel lead by THE HOLY SPIRIT to partner with us now, please visit our new website @ www.hoperetreattheranch.org and go to our “Contact Us” page filling out the form and letting us know. You may also let us know by calling us at the Ranch @ (423) 973-1114.

It is our purpose with this new effort to save on expenses by this new regional approach, while still maintaining our 80% success ratio of complete healing of people. At the same time, we are encouraging our staff to do an even better job by the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, and then to duplicate services into four more regions across the USA and ultimately around the world.

At present we can accommodate 20 individuals in our Christ centered Recovery program at Hope Retreat @ The Ranch. It is the God given vision to build an additional 25 cottages & a multi-purpose building, including a Church Sanctuary, class rooms, a dinning hall and commercial kitchen & gym.

Pastor's Vision of New Church building

Dr. Randall Maxwell, his wife Pastor Rebekah Maxwell, and their family have committed their all to this ministry. It is their prayer and ours that God will touch hearts of individuals like yourself to now partner with us in sharing the LOVE OF CHRIST in this very practical way.

Please, from this day forward use this website only for a history of Hope Retreats and not a current up to date site. For all the up to date happenings at Hope Retreats go to our new site @ www.hoperetreattheranch.org.

Before reading this or any other page please go and read the page entitled “Breaking News as We Celebrate our 15th Anniversary” and scrowl down to article entitled "$20 Million Fund Raising Campaign" as we are in the process of re-structuring and other than our orphanages abroad, we are concentrating all our efforts in the Southern USA to build a retreat for troubled & at risk youth, specializing in mental health recovery, the elderly who are in need of convalescent living & a Christian hospice, in addition to working with our returning damaged verterans as we have found these are major needs all over the country. This retreat will serve not only Tennessee, but also our surrounding states, Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama & Mississippi, providing residency to better than 250 residents.

It is now our intentions to develop a successful program that addresses these needs over the next five years and perfect such a program before branching out into other areas of the country. The facility we are building in Tennessee will be large enough and will serve the whole South East. After perfecting this program we will duplicate in regions across the country.

We have found through massive research that many of our youth have problems dealing with mental health issues, thus we are committed to specializing in mental illness and helping these youth find healing through our Christ centered resident program of recovery where our thesis is that through the use of nouthetic Biblical counseling we can deliver them from their bondage to medications & nightmare of mental illness in 70% + in these youth’s lives.

In an article written by our CEO Dr. Randall Maxwell found on our “Breaking News” page entitled “$20,000,000 Fund Raising Campaign” Dr. Maxwell shares a portion of his research on this topic where he explores the problem with the Mental Health industry, the cost to the American tax payer, and a solution he is perfecting at Hope Retreat of the South/ He also proves to you, the American tax  payer how he can build out our whole facility for just what we are able to save you in what you are already spending to keep 20% of those in your local jail with mental illness, building out whole facility  for actually half of what you are already spending just keeping in local jails in just one of the many states we serve.

Please go now and read the first article on our "Breaking News" page as it will give all the information of our new retreat and our game plan of operations and explain our 20 Million dollar fund raising campaign. The rest of the website has been intentionally left on site to give our visitor an idea of the ministries we have been involved over the past 14 years, both our success and our failures.

After much research, and many hours spent in prayer and fasting, as well as in keeping with our national focus, since an executive board meeting the first of September, on what Scripture tells us in James 1:27;
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. We have chosen to develop a community of resident retreats doing just that, one for troubled & at risk youth and the second, a place of refuge of convalescing living for the elderly.

Be sure to follow us on facebook at; www.facebook.com/hoperetreatofthesouth.

Seeking foundational donors now who will commit their support of at least $35 per month. Partner with us now by calling Dr. Maxwell @ Hope Redtreat of the South @ (615) 603-7509


It was then when our Board of Directors & our leadership team at Hope Retreat International, after much time walking in the HOLY SPIRIT that we began to realize we needed to begin structuring our organization differently than we had for the past 15 years. We needed to consolidate not only our assets, but also our efforts on a regional basis as opposed to being spread out all over, that by doing so it would be much more cost effective.

1345 Wenlon Drive, Suite 2211B
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

ph: (757) 639-3788

We use this section of the website to emphasize women, as one of the greatest needs in our country is refuge for women, especially women with children. Even when we open our new retreat, Hope Retreat of the South, we will continue to serve these women up to age 35 with up to 2 children under age 6.

Many of the young ladies mentioned above, because of their problems have found themselves in the care of the mental health industry and diagnosed with some kind of mental illness. They find themselves so medicated that many have become so dysfunctional that they find themselves unable to study and continue their education, and most to the point where they cannot sustain employment, thus turning to prostitution to care for their needs and the needs of their children. This becomes a vicious cycle that many find it very difficult to get out of.

Remember, we specialize working with mental illness and our thesis says through nouthetic Biblical counseling we can help to bring complete healing to 70% of these young ladies. Actually, we are getting a much better success ratio than this working with young females at present. This is one of the many reasons it is so very important that the Christian community come together and unite with Hope Retreat of the South in this healing ministry and get up and running our new facilities. Again, remember, we can build out our whole facility for a small fraction of the $$$$$’s you the American tax payer is already spending on mental illness with absolutely no healing.

Call today at (615) 603-7509(615) 603-7509 to see how you can become involved in sharing the love Christ has for these young ladies in a very practical way or simply become one of our foundational donors with your commitment of sending us at the very least $35 per month, sending us your first check or money order made out to Hope Retreat to;

Hope Retreat of the South

1345 Wenlon Dr. Suite 2211B

Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130

1345 Wenlon Drive, Suite 2211B
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

ph: (757) 639-3788